Sunday, September 19, 2010

Celeb Status

Here is the official Niagara College Encounters blog site: my blog was the first to be highlighted!!

Also, please get to know the Niagara College Intern team a little better:

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  1. Lise Babe

    Lots to learn from your skills, concise story telling!
    I enjoy reading these and wow the beautiful pictures. I will tell my aunt that you enjoyed thw wedding. I will share a disk of photos with you when we come for house warming with the kids

    I think this "e journal" is a good thing and will make your reporting much much easier.

    Lots to learn. So are you the main coordinator for the main coordinator for the get-to-gether. I will be needing it after my vac

    Please let Jas know I could not send the comment, his staff is cool too

    I think you guys posted high powered personalities in your blogs, I think you need to name them for instance the photo we took togther is with the mother of a Minister, lets talk about this later cheers one and only Mama