Monday, October 18, 2010

A Coke in Paradise

Dear Canadian tax payers and those who are beginning their descent into winter—perhaps you should skip this post...
Sarah and I spent this weekend at Chintsa, a stretch of windswept and whitesand beach about 40km from East London.  We hitched a ride with the owner of the Buccaneer Backpackers, a backpacking and surf-bum institution, and landed in a little piece of paradise.  The photos speak for themselves and of the beachfront access through tropical fronds, a peaceful lagoon, and the everchanging sand dunes.  The sand held a treasure trove of shells and we braved the cold waves which wanted to suck us out to open ocean and also spit us back out!  The weather was perfect for both days, aside from the gale-like winds on Sunday.  It was a great way to spend a few days and nice to know that paradise is a 30 minute drive away.    
P.S. My self-taught Xhosa language skills experienced a slight hiccup, yet important lesson last week.  When trying to describe what I cooked for dinner, I learned that there’s only a one letter difference between the word for “chicken” and the word for a woman’s reproductive organ.  Goodto know...
P.P.S. Somehow, stellar Canadian programming such as “Style by Jury” and “Heartland” are in syndication on South African television.

The view from our room
The view from the bar
Bridge over the lagoon
The lagoon

Our room

Chintsa East
Chintsa East
View from the main house

Chintsa East

A Coke in paradise
Sunrise walk
Sand dunes
Lagoon path to the beach

Paradise again

Tastes better in a bottle

Chintsa East

Future second home?

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  1. Beautiful pictures Lise!

    Good to hear you and Sarah got to enjoy a weekend getaway!