Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cape Town Eats

As a food loving traveller (experiencing some deprivation in East London), I wanted to document our culinary choices while in the “big city”.  These were the highlights (with no really memorable duds!):

Royale Eatery-retro hipster central, buzzing gourmet burger spot and local institution (New York Times declared them one of the best burger joints in the world)

"Miss Piggy" with bacon, fresh avocado, and sundried tomato

Yours Truly-Sarah and I were the first customers through the door on the Saturday debut of this Long Street bakery and espresso bar.  As the daughter of small business owners, I sympathized with the owner when his espresso machine blew a fuse the morning of his opening.  We’re hoping he opens a satellite branch next door to us in East London as gourmet sandwiches, pastries, and a proper cappuccino are scarce here. 
All Natural Rooibos Peach Iced Tea
Embroidered recipe project in District Six Museum


Addis in Cape-beautifully decorated and ceremonial but overrated Ethiopian, although we did get to eat 4 types of meat

Ethiopian food tastes better than can be captured on film

The O'Henry of South Africa

Nzolo Cafe-funky brightly coloured cafe serving traditional “vetkoeks”—traditional South African deep fried dough filled with almost anything


Pumpkin stew vetkoek

Mincemeat and cheese vetkoek

Africa Cafe-13 course African feast, a bottle of Stellenbosch red, and a giant tip for just under $50.  Each dish was explained and served and you could then order more of anything you wanted.   Their menu orders on a seasonal basis, depending on what is in the gardens and markets.  Their spring menu included:
  • Zimbabwean Sweet Corn and Sweet Potato Mash-cardamom flavoured sweet potato blended with shredded spinach and peas
  • Moroccan Warm Lentil, Chickpea, and Rice Salad-with lemon, parsley, and spring onion dressing
  • Tanzanian Mchicha wa Nazi-spinach in groundnut sauce
  • Xhosa Spinach and Maize Meal Balls in Fragrant Sauce-steamed mealie meal and spinach balls in carrot sauce flavoured with paprika
  • Mozambican Organic Sprout Salad-an assortment of vegetable sprouts, organic homegrown leaves, roasted beetroot, cashew and macadamia nut mayonnaise
  • Sesame chicken kebabs-deep-fried chicken breasts dusted with sesame seeds
  • Broccoli and Nut Salad-crunchy raw broccoli, toasted flaked almonds with lemon and honey dressing
  • West African Mwana na Nkhosa-organic Karoo lamb, slow cooked in a rich gravy
  • Channa Fish-hake in chickpea batter
  • Malawi Mbatata Cheese and Sim Sim Balls-sweet potato, cheese, and sesame seed balls
  • Spicy Chicken Drumsticks-special bend of spices
  • Traditional vetkoek-lightly fried bread balls
  • Dessert-homemade chocolate brownie and vanilla bean ice cream
Part One

Part Two
Stellenbosch red wine and dessert

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