Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Farewell and A Bowl of Meat

Last Friday, Sarah and I were invited to the going away braai (traditional BBQ) for Mawethu Zita, an honourary Canadian who was a jack of all trades at Ikhwezi Wellness Centre.  There were tearful speeches, singing, and lots of hugs!  I even got to say a few words thanking Mawethu for welcoming us to South Africa and Ikhwezi and congratulating him on his new position on behalf of Niagara College and Canada!  Although some staff members encouraged us to bring a big bottle of cheap whiskey as our contribution (saying it was a customary gift to bring), I believe now that perhaps they were testing how naive two Canadians can be.
In true Xhosa and South African style, the heartwarming ceremony was capped off by the giant bowl of meat I was served.  Featuring a chicken leg, 2 sausages, a T-bone steak, and a porkchop, Sarah and I dug in with reckless abandon with our hands to strip those bones clean of delicious meat.  This seems to be a running theme, but I still cannot get over how much better meat tastes here and the role it plays in every social gathering. 

Work is picking up here--I hadan interesting meeting with the Commission for Gender Equality earlier this week and am very excited about future work opportunities there.  Also, get ready to order your subscription to the Eastern Cape Women's Magazine where yours truly could be a featured editor and contributor! Stay tuned!

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  1. I cannot believe it is now that I am seeing this article. Thank you Lise for your warm words. Hope all is well with you.