Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yes, We Took a Bus Tour

Signal Hill sunset
I hate to admit this, but yes, Sarah and I took a City Sightseeing Bus Tour on our long weekend to the Mother City and it was totally worth it!  On our open top double-decker bus, looking like dorks with our red tourist earphones, we visited the District Six Museum, watched the sunset from Signal Hill on our city night tour, couldn’t believe we were driving beside the World Cup 2010 stadium in Green Point, and marvelled at the amazing beaches of Clifton, Camps Bay, and Bantry Bay. 
 Camps Bay has some of the most highly valued and priced real estate in the country and I am proud to say that while I may never be able to afford a home there, I did mark my territory by making a double-decker tour bus pull over on the shoulder while I ran into the bushes to cop a squat.   Sarah tells me that while no one knew why we had pulled over, there were impatient and disgrunulted tourists grumbling about our unexplained stop!
Camps Bay beaches and resorts

Green Point Stadium

On our second day on the bus, we strolled through Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Hout Bay, and took a scenic drive through Constantia and its breathtaking mansions.

Pre-bus tour patio (and probably the reason I fell out of the lawn chair)

Kirstenbosch Gardens

District Six was named the Sixth Municipal District of Cape Town in 1867. Originally established as a mixed community of freed slaves, merchants, artisans, labourers and immigrants, District Six was a vibrant centre with close links to the city and the port. By the beginning of the twentieth century, however, the history of removals and marginalisation had begun. 
The first to be 'resettled' were black South Africans, forcibly displaced from the District in 1901. As the more prosperous moved away to the suburbs, the area became the neglected ward of Cape Town.
In 1966, it was declared a white area under the Group areas Act of 1950, and by 1982, the life of the community was over. 60,000 people were forcibly removed to barren outlying areas aptly known as the Cape Flats, and their houses in District Six were flattened by bulldozers.

District Six Map


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