Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Slow Day at the Office

Three months have flown by and nearly every day holds something new.  They may not be earth-shattering days of excitement, but we work hard to be productive, take full advantage of our precious time here, and cherish the small achievements, lessons, and gifts! We have been given the luxury of creating our own schedules, crafting our own work plans, and essentially acting as our own bosses.  Most of the time, it's wonderful but then once in a while, a certain kind of day hits. One of those days where you have nothing scheduled but waiting desperately for an email from an organization you really want to work with.  You pine by the computer, waiting for an answer, and then inevitably hit the wall of rejection (only to find out later that they were actually on holidays anyway).  You feel guilty for not changing the world, but also wonder why the world won't change as fast as you hope.  At that point, the only solution is to take a “personal day”.
My Tuesday consisted of attending an 11am matinee of the new Harry Potter film, making chocolate dipped coconut macaroons, and reading about the upcoming Zimbabwean elections with a cold Castle beer on our front stoop.  Sarah was by my side on this trying day, albeit with a glass of Two Oceans and playing an observer role in the macaroon creation.  It was astonishing how crowded a theatre can be on a Tuesday morning.  Apparently we weren’t the only ones having a slow day at the office. 
I can't help but share the bounty of our tropical fruit bowl,
especially for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere

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