Monday, January 10, 2011

Elephants, zebras, warthogs, oh my!

I never thought to bring my “Lion King” soundtrack, but I really could have used it over the last two weeks.  We started with Lesotho livestock, (including a donkey cart parked outside a grocery store), peacocks running wild at Malealea, and giant fuzzy caterpillars in our hut.  In Graaff-Reinet and the Karoo desert, we saw meerkats, red bishop birds, the Eastern Cape crag lizard, springbok, kudu, vervet monkeys, big centipedes, and ostriches. 

Our climate and landscape changed as we visited the Cape of Good Hope and saw the vicious baboons and jackass penguin colony.  Who knew the trip would end with me seeing my favourite animals in the whole world at the Addo Elephant National Park?  Six year old Lise teared up a bit while watching my first elephant herd stomp around the park, foraging for water and branches and nursing babies. 
We also saw another variation of huge spiky caterpillars that fall from the trees, red hartebeest, warthogs, eland, zebra, yellow mongoose, black-backed jackal, Egyptian goose, guinea fowl, bokmakierie, and the charming flightless dung beetle.  The flightless dung beetle is growing scarce and I never thought I’d be told to yield to a dung beetle and its home/kitchen/love nest of elephant poop.  Cue “The Circle of Life”.... 
Demon beast

Jackass penguins

Lesotho hut dweller
They fall from trees
Eastern Cape crag lizard


Vervet monkeys


Sarah's photographic brilliance

Buffalo carcass-we wanted to find what ate it

The illustrious warthog

Red hartebeest

Flightless dung beetle

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