Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Name in Print

On Sale Now!

I’ve always wanted to see my name in print in a glossy magazine and in my pre-departure work plan, I had included working for a community publication as a goal to achieve.  Through connections with Ms. Jordan (the senior editor and mentor), I relentlessly pursued involvement with the Eastern Cape Women’s Magazine. 
The first issue of the magazine (which looks at women of the Eastern Cape with a special focus on rural women) had just hit stores when we arrived in South Africa and after our initial meetings, Sarah and I were brought on board as guest members of their editorial team!  I was excited just to write an article or two, but from layout, marketing, story development, and the actual research and writing, Sarah and I have been included on this exciting opportunity to share our ideas about what we think women want to read about and how that fits within a South African context. 
The second issue, with us as contributors, just hit newsstands and after finding it in our local grocery store, we lovingly changed its position on the shelf to front and centre like proud parents showing off our new child.  We have just submitted our articles for the next issue and are excited to have copies in our hands before we leave.  Don’t be surprised if your gift from South Africa is a crisp copy of the Eastern Cape Women’s Magazine with my name highlighted!

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