Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Other Side of the Table

I now understand the crapshoot that is getting hired.  And perhaps I’m rationalizing the times when I’ve applied for jobs and not heard a word back, but since being on the hiring panel for Ikhwezi’s youth project, I think I have a better sense of how the process works. 
Last week, I had my first experience of sitting on the other side of the table and was part of the team responsible for selecting candidates from a huge pool of applicants, creating questions, conducting interviews, and making selections. 
For many of the applications, this was their first real interview and their nerves and anticipation were very evident.  It was all I could do not to reach across the table and give some of them a big hug in their outfits that I’m sure they spent hours agonizing over.  I didn’t realize how exhausting it is to ask people the same questions over and over or to hear the same answers over and over.  By the end of it, we had a group of really deserving and exciting group leaders and a handful of hilarious interview answers and situations that will stay between us!  We are now planning the 3 day training weekend, which sounds like a grown-up version of summer camp!

Speaking of jobs, this blog entry is an excellent opportunity for me to request that everyone help me pretend for the next little while that March 2, the day we leave South Africa, is not right around the corner or in just about 1 month's time.  That bittersweet date has come up faster than I ever imagined and it seems like it’s much too soon for this all to be over.  I’m not quite ready to think about leaving and I just want to enjoy the last bit of my time here.  I have made myself worried enough about what’s next and I am very capable of being my own harshest critic when all I really want to do is soak up everything these last 5 weeks have to offer.  Having said that, if you know anyone who is hiring, please send my name their way!

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  1. Haha, oh the trails of the job hunt!

    I really liked your explanation of the interview process. At my previous job I had to coordinate the interviewing and I remember always feeling for the applicants. At my old position it would be a 6 person panel holding the interview- only slightly intimidating!