Monday, January 24, 2011

Potholes and a Hole in the Wall

Rush hour

We did it again-two chicks and a Hyundai!  We rented a car (and got upgraded to one with AC and the ability to  climb hills) and headed east to the Wild Coast and Coffee Bay.  We hit the N2, with its rolling hills, clusters of rondavels, stubborn livestock in the road, and drivers that made us feel like we were in a teenage boy’s video game heaven.  I may not have my driver’s license, but I know that a 2 lane highway on an uphill blind curve should not be used for drivers on both sides to pass. 

We left the main road and began our descent towards the coast.  Gas stations and towns were few and far between and it was an absolutely beautiful drive.  I’m surprised our Hyundai still has all four tires and its engine still intact after the massive potholes we encountered--I hope no one from Avis reads my blog.

Along the N2

After a long, bumpy, and hot ride (thermometer read 38 degrees at one point), we made it to the tiny village of Coffee Bay, set along the Indian Ocean and a large river mouth.

Coffee Bay beach


After a day in Coffee Bay, we woke up early the next morning and drove to the famous Hole in the Wall, surrounding beaches, and the Boiling Point.

The photos don't do it justice....


The Boiling Point

Roasted mealie-new favourite roadside snack

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