Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank God for Unlimited Mileage

Roadtrip Mathematics:
-2 countries, 3 provinces, 5 national highways, 3547 kilometres
-3 passport stamps, 4 customs crossings, 5 police stops
 -numerous times we accidentally hit 160 km/h
-countless potholes and spectacular rest stations
-3 inopportune car stalls
-1 adult contemporary radio station and 1 South African house mix-tape as driving entertainment
-an abundance of stories we will NOT be sharing with Budget Car Rental
-ZERO car accidents or moments of being lost
After all of the well-meaning advice we received, which suggested it was our first days on Earth as women, Sarah and I proved that two girls can cover 3500 kilometres in a foreign country without getting lost, in a car accident, and return with a new repertoire of amazing and bizarre stories.  Always the best way to see a place and after getting approval from our cab driver Mandla that a Yaris was “good for two women because it doesn’t have much power”, we picked up our little car with lots of excitement, expectations, and positive thoughts that it would all work out on our Christmas holiday roadtrip!  And although I could have walked up some of the mountain passes faster than the Yaris, the little beast treated us well as we trekked across the beautiful Republic of South Africa-check out our route.  The landscapes we drove through were diverse and stunning and every cliché about the South African sky is totally true.  Each day was filled with a new sight to marvel at, another kilometre travelled, and the realization that you could spend your life travelling through South Africa and never fully see or understand it all!   

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