Saturday, January 29, 2011


With Mr. Nelson Mandela’s recent hospitalization, the nation of South Africa has been holding its collective breath for the past three days.  I recently finished his autobiography, “Long Walk to Freedom”, and living in the country has raised questions about what will happen with his passing.  Something no one wants to think about, but an inevitable and monumental event nevertheless.        

At the same time as Madiba’s health scare, Walter Sisulu University students went on strike yet again, shutting down registration and closing all campuses.  Mama Ghana gave us strict instructions that under no circumstances were we to go to our office as tempers can flare if employees are seen at work.  As of Friday afternoon, senior management was sitting to discuss the student and student political parties’ grievances regarding tuition fees, the National Student Loan service, and government’s promise of free education. 
But with the discharging of Mr. Mandela and rumours that employees are back to work on Monday, perhaps things will go back to normal...   

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