Sunday, February 27, 2011

On the Road Again...

At the beginning of this month, I spent a week travelling around the Eastern Cape as an assistant on a research project through the Commission for Gender Equality.  We were conducting facility visits to women’s shelters, safe houses, and rape centres as part of a national monitoring and evaluation project.  Eventually, the results will be compiled into a report that will be presented to President Zuma and Parliament. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time in the internship to complete the write-up, but I am hoping that the next group of interns will be able to continue this relationship. 
I had the pleasure of working with their Education Officer and it was really enjoyable to share my experiences of living in South Africa and he was eager to learn about Canada.  We visited Cathcart, Libode, Port Elizabeth, Uitenage, Grahamstown, Mdantsane, Berlin, Fort Jackson, Mthatha, and Peddie.  It was an eye-opening experience both personally and professionally.  To learn about the differences and similarities for survivors of abuse in Canada and South Africa as well as the personal experience of seeing even more of this beautiful province (complete with some very funny and unique stories along the way) and hanging out with a born and bred “Mdantsane boy”!  After my dogged persistence to work with the Commission for Gender Equality, it was a very rewarding experience!

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