Monday, June 13, 2011

Youth Day in Mdantsane

After three straight days of torrential downpour, the skies cleared on Saturday morning for Ikhwezi Lokusa’s Youth Driven Generation to celebrate Youth Day in Mdantsane.  We had a moment of silence for Ma Albertina Sisulu who was laid to rest in Orlando stadium in Soweto with the Archbishop of Capetown (who Sarah and I shook hands with) presiding over the service.  The rest of the day featured guest speakers, singing, dancing, acting, and prayer to commemorate the youth in 1976 as well as to celebrate the power of today’s youth.

In the now-to-be-expected moment of “how did I end up here?”, Lumka decided to enlist the Canadians’ help in singing “We Are The World” in front of the entire audience, including solo parts for all of us.  That’s how I usually like to spend my Saturday mornings.  But the audience was very supportive and sang along with us and it was much more fun than I expected.  The day ended with a netball and soccer tournament and Lise overeating on Big King’s wife’s delicious catering.  After a harrowing taxi ride out of Mdantsane, we made it to a family gathering where the eating continued and I felt like a blimp.  But how can you say no to three different kinds of meat and chakalaka, especially after my Mdantsane singing debut?

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