Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis Ghana!

Sis Ghana had to stay up WAY past her normal bedtime last weekend for her surprise birthday braai. Mongezi (her son and righthand man) was the mastermind behind the party and pulled together a gathering of family and friends in less than a week to celebrate Sis Ghana as someone who gives so much to everyone everyday.
A surprised Sis Ghana

The whole family and her church friends assembled at her aunt’s house and we hid in

different bedrooms while awaiting her arrival.  I’m impressed with her aunt’s ability to

persuade Sis Ghana to leave her house at night as her 4am mornings = early to bed. 

Under the guise of going out for dinner but forgetting her cellphone at home, the

unsuspecting Ghana was shocked by the family and friends who jumped out from

different corners!  After getting angry at all of us, we began the night’s program of

sharing our love and appreciation for her, followed by, as usual, a giant meal. 

Sis Ghana getting down with the church ladies
Sis Ghana and daughter Eva cutting the cake

Including stiff pap which I assisted in making-I was under the impression that South

African men would have stronger arms, but I’ve changed my mind after stirring the pap

as it became more and more like turning cement.  Now imagine that on a much larger

scale in a giant pot over an open fire.  No need for the gym-just make some pap and

toned arms shall be yours.  

Bonny and Solly

Drinking champagne with Gogo
Some of the cousins toasting Sis Ghana

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