Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Birthday Party, Photo Shoot, and Chance to Wear $7 Shoes

With Sinalo and Zintle, pre-party
The beginning of the sandwich prep
I was forced to pose like this!
Finally got a smile

The birthday girl
It takes a village to raise a child and apparently to also plan and execute a giant birthday party. On Saturday (after earlier weeks of assisting with other preparations), Angela and I woke up bright and early to help out with Sis Lusanda's 30th birthday party. A few of the church mamas had cancelled last minute, so we were happy to help with the preparation of a 3 course meal for 130 people. Including peeling 3 industrial sized bags of carrots, buttering and filling 25 loaves of bread to for huge sandwich platters, and finally dishing out 130 heaping plates of homemade food.

After a full morning on our feet, we got dressed up (we were both happy for an excuse) and made our way back to the party. I am proud to say that we knew to show up an hour and a half late which was perfect timing because the birthday girl showed up about 30 minutes later, which gave us just enough time for a photo shoot with Sis Ghana's daughters.

As per usual, a full program of speeches and songs in between, with a heavily religious tone. But it was still a party with people dressed to the nines and lasted late into the night.  The food was great and it was nice to feel that we had contributed to the evening.

The highlight of the night was the birthday cake with icing dyed so darkly and beautifully blue that it stained everyone's tongues, lips, and teeths. Even the old pastor was sticking his tongue out to the laughter of everyone at his table. 

Canadians enjoying the fruits of their labour

An excellent hostess

Serving one of many platters

Our Sis Ghana

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