Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Professional Conference Crasher?

I have had a crash course in the world of conferences and workshops.  If you blindfold me, I could easily navigate a registration table, a breakaway commission, and most importantly, a buffet table. 

In the last week, I visited Mthatha to assist the Centre for Rural Development with the initial workshop for their Centre for Creative Industries.  After nearly getting stranded in Mthatha (what's new?), we drove back to East London for two simultaneous events: the 2nd Annual Eastern Cape Cooperative Indaba through the University of Fort Hare and a conference on Informal Housing through the Department of Human Settlements.  In both events, I assisted Prof Luswazi on her presentations and speaking engagements.  The beginning of this week saw me assisting the Centre for Learning and Teaching Development at their 3rd Annual eLearning Conference.  It is an interesting opportunity to hear presentations from experts in their field, especially on issues that may not come up often in Canada. 

As a consequence of my conference hopping, I have more logoed pens and notepads than I will ever need, a computer bag, a mini hotplate which you plug into your computer to keep a mug of tea warm (I kid you not), and an extra 15 pounds.  With 3 hot meals and 2 full teas per day, I consumed enough food to feed a family of four for a month.  You go to bed totally bloated and vowing to never touch a piece of food again and that tomorrow you will eat like a reasonable human being and yet somehow, you wake up hungry and wondering what will be served at the next meal.

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