Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That's One Way to Spend a Sunday

Our private courtyard
On Sunday, Ashlea and I were invited to accompany Riaz and another bank staff on a day trip to Montepuez while they met with a client.  Always keen for a road trip, we jumped in the pick up with dreams of hidden arts and crafts markets to keep us busy.  Montepuez is one of the further points west of Cabo Delgado province and is essentially run by the ruby mines and cotton company.

After a busy Friday and Saturday night, by the time we got to Montepuez, the two of us ended up having coffee in a giant courtyard with a tiny church, playground and abandoned plane, all of which looked like it had last been touched up in the 1960s.  In usual Mozambican fashion, we had a photo shoot around these random objects while we worked up the energy to find the markets.

Realizing that Montepuez was not the craft mecca I had built up in my head, we still browsed through the market and received the usual chorus of "hey sista, hey mama, hey tia" or the more direct kissign and whistling sound that accompany us without Riaz.  With a thick layer of dust covering us, we met up with Riaz and his colleague at another outdoor restaurant which also featured an abandoned pool.  Wanting to continue our theme of non functional things in Montepuez, we jumped at the chance to lie in an abandoned pool together, however our creative vision was lost in translation and not quite captured by the photographer.  At least we have some group photos and the knowledge that all three of us are willing to basically do anything!  Some of our photo shoot gems...

No explanation for the abandoned airplane sponspored
by a local cellphone company that is
lying in the playground and church yard

When in Montepuez...

Totally up to playground safety standards

When our photographic vision actually made sense
But just looks like we are lying on concrete

Two people who also thought it would be cool to lie in an abandoned pool

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