Monday, September 3, 2012

Be Quiet Ocean, I'm Trying to Sleep

Ah, home sweet home!  My clothes are out of the suitcase and I finally feel at home among the coconut trees. 
I hope it is not the last time I live on a beach as I am infatuated with waking up and falling asleep to the sound of waves and the breeze through the palm trees.  What was life like before I could jump in the ocean anytime of the day from my front step and there was sand absolutely everywhere?

Looking towards the house from the beach (ours is on the right)
Living on Wimbe beach may affect my travel plans for the next little while as the farthest I want to venture from my oasis is to the cama makua (Makua bed of wood and woven grass) or Muskoka-esque chairs on the front patio. Life starts early on the beach as fishermen pull in their nets, women collect plants and shellfish from the sand, and the beachfronts are raked into perfect lines. Saturdays are quiet days as people recover from Friday nights but Sundays are packed with soccer games, romantic dates, and families spending time together.

View to the right

View to the left

As a new home dweller, accomplishments include procuring a fridge through blackmarket deals, fixing my water pressure, and buying the first batch of electricity that powers the house.  Besides getting used to certain eccentricities of the house, I also have to adapt to living with our guards, Nordi and Maximino.  These are the two men who are technically the "guards" of the house but help out with the house and general life functioning and help with  cleaning, handwashing clothing, deciphering water bills, helping me practice Portuguese and explaining the various things people are picking off the beach.  It is lovely getting to know them and the rest of the community on the beach.   

Ramshackle charm

For the next six months, I will ignore the cold showers, power outages and the fact that the house looks like a strong wind might blow it in. Instead, I will relish that I live in a house with no actual walls and instead of people coming door to door looking for charitable donations, I have entrepreneurs stopping by and selling everything from jewellery to fresh produce to beer to chocolate bars to bags of lobster and whole marlin.

I am beginning to worry that the transition back into Canadian life will be difficult as I will not be able to walk barefoot to beach restaurants or eat dinner on a mat in the sand.  But just because I live in a postcard does not mean that it always feels like paradise or that every day feels like a vacation.  But it is a reminder of how beautiful the world can be and our door is always open for visitors!

Low tide on a full moon - jackpot for collecting some ocean creature

Learning about potentially fatal spiders is probably better done in English. 
I still have no idea what Nordi said to me.

Our neighbour can stay on his side of the fence

From the backyard - our Flinstone side of the house

Nordi keeping watch in the grass hut in the backyard
View from the backyard

View towards Sarah and Natalia's house

The backyard and work area

Early morning

Cama Makua
Breakfast spot and outdoor shower
Why I eat, drink and sleep sand

My pride and joy

Our entertaining area

View from the dining room and our lovely kitchen

The kitchen
Our two bedroom doors

View from the kitchen-our walls are screens
My cooking bowl from Guludo holds baby bananas

Finally unpacked!

View from my bedroom window

Who needs a closet when you have a handmade basket?

View from the bathroom

Home Sweet Home
You may notice the lovely Tanzanian capulana fabric which is my curtain. For those who speak kiSwahili, please ignore that I am praising Allah for giving me health on the holy days after Ramadan.  Thank you Riaz for pointing this out AFTER I bought it.
Still not used to the mosquito net

My ensuite bathroom

After the exploding lightbulb in the shower
in a random power surge,  I now shower by candlelight (held up by, of course, sand)

The front yard
From the bamboo fence
View from the handwoven patio chair
At night with our two palm trees

Jack-o-lantern house

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  1. Lise your new home looks absolutely beautiful! I hope everything is going well and I look forward to your next post!

    Um grande abraco pra voce!