Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's a Boy!

Ashlea and I are proud to announce the newest addition to our Pemba family: Pedro Savanno Webber Hamilton. 
What started out as a hasty decision by Sarah to rescue a dog we constantly saw outside our yoga studio, barely able to walk out of the sand by the road, has turned into our newest housemate.  I was barely able to look at him when she first brought him home; you could see every bone in his body, he was covered in mange, and it was hard to ignore the crooked head, limp right leg, and both ears being basically torn apart.
With just a few days of food and rest, he began to walk, wag his tail, and recognize our voices.  I could have taken in any number of animals in Pemba but this little guy charmed all of us and I think Ashlea and I were both hesitant to just let him go!  Not too many people would be willing to love Skeletor Dog.
We brought him home last week, a bit unsure of what we were embarking on (and I am still thinking about all the consequences of bringing him in) but it has been amazing and totally worthwhile to watch what regular meals and an outpouring of gentle voices, ear scratches, belly rubs, and long walks on the beach will do to a dog that once was a skeleton closer to death than life.
Now we must think about what Pedro will be eating for breakfast and dinner and he certainly will not be winning any beauty contests.  But the bones are nearly hidden by fat, the leg seems stronger (although still bends over like a warthog when he eats), and it's hard to see that his ears are torn because his eyes are so warm and trusting. 
And who needs a supermodel dog when you have one who sits on the front step and watches your every moment inside the house, who spends hours getting bitten on the nose by crabs, and who won't let you out of his sight on beach walks?  Our welcome home from work is now a lot more exciting and we have a permanent #1 fan in our little Pedro!

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